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模范棒棒堂 2008.08.25 畢業升級總評比 (中)

First one off in this episode is the bothers, at the start they had a slide show of photos in MFBBT like a video of them growing up together. Afterward they started dancing, although I think Mao Di dances better but both of improved a lot in everything and off course they looked super hot dressed like that and dancing like that. When Andy ge was talking he mention about their father then the camera switches there, I can see a bit of father's but I wonder the lady in front is their mother. This will be the last time we see them performing together, such a shame and then afterward they would be going in their own way.

Next off are the rockers! Xiao Yu and Li Quan performed as a band, Xiao Yu sang a few English rock songs and one of them include swearing. But you could totally see Xiao Yu is being himself and enjoying the fun of it. His singing were okay but it doesn't matter anymore as he performance was totally awesome!

Afterward it's Xiao Jie's country song performance along with his guitar teacher. The first song he sang was a Korean hip hop R&B song which I really like but he changed the lyrics to English. I thought Xiao Jie sang better on the second song and the everyone was enjoying the performance. I must say that Xiao Jie has improved a lot who would have thought a normal B-Boy can write songs and play the guitar.

Next up is Wei Lian and his Kuso performance, Lollipop did help him out to perform it. Then Wei Lian started singing Jay Chou's Ju Hua Tai, although I heard him missed some beats but at least he was on the right beat all along which is a big improvement to him.

Afterward it's Do Do (Duo Duo) he played the piano which I thought he was really shuai but then the dancing part was quiet weird and funny thing he went back and continue playing the piano. The comments the judges made are funny.

Last performance of this episode is Elmo's Back To The Future performance. It started off with the familiar music we've heard before but different dance, then as usual it changes to something else. This time he sang but with another vocal in the background, then he started dancing again with a song that has "Lollipop" in it.

There's more great performance in the next episode, so do look out for it!

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