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模范棒棒堂 2008.08.20 周末5夠猛 底迪PK超強五人新勢力

The 5 host of Na Li 5 Da Kang is on the show to promote their new show. From what they said so it's another talent show where young teens can show off their talents and in between they also have little dramas. I must say Channel[V] is opening too much talent show, most of them are similar in ways.

This episode was pretty interesting especially the part where the 5 host talks about each other saying who's no.1 at this or that.
The last game part, Ao Quan guessed it twice in a row and had to drink that yucky mixed drink. He's having good luck to guess it twice in a row at first guess.

I can't believe the next episode is the graduation, it's so fast. Just watching the preview I feel like crying again. I'm gonna cry so much in the next episode, better get my tissuse ready for tomorrow.

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