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[News] HTQXZ's not affected by Olympic

[2008-08-25] Star TV new drama HTQXZ's ratings continue to increase, episode 3 received an average of 2.06% and was not affected by the Olympic. August 17th they held a event for HTQXZ and all casting members attended.

From Star TV promote manager it is said that HTQZX's rating continue to increase, episode 2 received an average of 1.25% and episode 3 received an average of 2.06%, this was shown that they weren't affected by the Olympic. HTQZX's target audience mostly arrange from 14 to 24 years old to suit the audience it is broadcast during 9:30pm.

彭筱筠 said that as there's a lot of casts so to gather them together is difficult especially when each casts have other things to do. As it's summer so filming time might be unstable.

Translated by Choco-late

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