Lollipop upcoming schedule

  • 2009.07.XX - Lollipop Hong Kong concert

Images of the last episode & Na Li 5 Da Kang

Some photos of the last episode of MFBBT, just by looking at the photos I'm excited about all of their performances. Painful for Xiao Jie since he got cut on the foot but it's great to know that he's fine. There should be lots of performances since it last for 3 episodes. A Wei turned into a prince like playing the piano and singing. Xiao Yu and Li Quan formed a band together, Ao Quan and HSHMM danced to Michael Jackson's. Wang Zi and Mao Di performing together which we haven't seen for a long time and Xiao Jie seem like performing a self played song.

From the preview at the website Xiao Lu and Yea Shou will be performing together, Han Jiang will perform a kendo mix with dance performance, Hu Ya I think it's something to do with dancing and rap or beatbox. So there's gonna be lots of great performance, really looking forward to it.

Some photos of Na Li 5 Da Kang. They all look great in their costume, I'm looking forward to this show more than Wei Lian's show.


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