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模范棒棒堂 2008.08.27 畢業升級總評比 (下)

Stayed up late at night to watch it live from PPS. First performance was Ya Gao, he started off with his usual krumping dance then it changes to different type of dancing like breaking and reggae. Ya Gao doesn't have a high popularity and he's scared of a lot of things but from what I've seen from the show he really have been working hard to improve himself. Although he didn't get selected in the er jun I hope he continue to improve himself.

Next was Terry, although the words on the screen said Korean but he's actually singing Japanese. Terry's performance was good as usual since he has a lot of stage experience so what he perform always is perfect. The 2 kids was cute at the start dancing with him, only if the tango part there was more beautiful moves it would be much more interesting. I laughed when they said they look like a family (the girl and the 2 kids).

Afterward was Xiao Ma, Xiao Ma did a poppin and breaking performance. He's really loved by everyone because all the didis cheered for him and was so high especially when he was doing the freeze everyone jump up. It's such a shame that the new group is a band otherwise he could show more of his dancing skills. I was a bit touched after the performance as we all think back how Xiao Ma doesn't even know how to dance. The "yes" part was funny whenever Xiao Ma called a didi name or thanked him they go "yes!" like they won a prize or something.

Last performance Michael Ao Quan. We all know what he's performing by the look of him and Michael Ao Quan was something so rememberable about Ao Quan. So he took a step forward in that and performed with 4 other meimeis. The performance was really well choregraph with every single beat right. Afterward I just can't help but to start crying, I was just so touched by it.

All the didis have performed it's time for the judges to present the awards. For 3rd prize we have 2 winners which was the rockers and Hu Ya. 2nd prize was Xiao Ma and again all the didis jump up immediately, Terry also got 2nd as well. 1st prize without a doubt it's Ao Quan, in every performance Ao Quan always receive 1st prize. It's funny how during the whole awarding time a lot of the didis even Andy ge and Da Mu got their cameras or DV out to record and take photos. Suddenly each didis who got an awards became like super stars.

I was like fully starting to cry from that moment onwards then it was the end of the episode. So next episode we have a bit more for the graduation where they present the certificate out. A lot of the didis cried (I saw Wang Zi crying so badly).

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