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[News] 2nd Season of MFBBT boys 1st appearance

[2008-08-27] The 2nd season of MFBBT boys 1st appearance, they were all well manners and prepared a present for the host Fanfan. Fanfan was shocked and surprised, never thought 7/8th graded guys would give up a random present. Fanfan was like avoiding and screaming at the same time.

To get the like of the host Fanfan the boys prepared 3 presents hoping that Fanfan will look after them. They know Fanfan likes elephants so the boys wore the tai du shirt hugging a elephant pillow hoping that Fanfan will think of Hei Ren when hugging it. The sexy sleeping wear totally surprised Fanfan and the boys randomly said "The reason of this present is that we hope you and Hei Ren can have babies as soon as possible". Fanfan immediately replied "I'm not married yet! How can I have babies?" The sleeping wear is really sexy which Fanfan shaking her head. Saying that she won't wear it but keep it as a memory.

The 3rd present is from two muscular boys A Liang and Sheng Zi showing off their muscles. The two boys trying their hardest tensing her muscles and their fake sexy bottom scared Fanfan making her running away and screaming. But couldn't run away and said "It's a really nice bottom". Seeing Fanfan like that the reporters said did Hei Ren ever danced in front of her, Fanfan said "No way!" Looking at the boys again she said "Youth's muscle are better!" everyone laughed.

1st time appearing amongst the boys there's some star faces like Xiao Le who resemble Hong Kong star Shawn Yu, Eason who has a name of Eddison Chen, A Man who looks like Hei Girl's Apple. When asked they were brothers and sisters that is why they look a like. Also the A Liang who looks like Willber Pan but was commented by Fanfan that he looks like 李晉良, A Liang didn't mind at all and said "Ok I will work my best to have my own style!"

Translated by Choco-late

This was totally not good to read when I just finish watching a very touching episode of MFBBT and was like crying.

Anyways the new didis have finally appeared, Apple's little brother and Xiao Jie's little brother is in there. Hu Ya and Xiao Le is staying back which is a good thing to hear. I wonder if both of them will sit at the front because although they have been in MFBBT for a long time but they are still not good in talking. But anyways I'm really happy that Hu Ya is staying, they should make the other didis stay as well. Xiao Hu who is also back, he was in MFBBT for a period of time he came him with Xiao Lu and Han Jiang but on the first elimination he was out.

The guys aren't that good looking at least none of them caught my attention, but the guy on the 2nd row next to Xiao Xiang looks okay. It's gonna be weird to see this new batch on the show but I'll watch at least 10 episodes and see.

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Anonymous says
28 August 2008 at 7:59 am

Who's the guy with Hu Ya in the 2nd picture(he's not holding the elephant)?

He looks sorta cute XD

Choco-late says
28 August 2008 at 9:11 am

It's Xiao Le, the one from MFBBT season 1.