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[News] Xiao Yu's crazy drifting skills shocked everyone

[2008-08-21] For Star TV's new drama HTQXZ there will be a scene where Xiao Yu drives a sport car with Xiao Xun. As Xiao Yu have no driving experience ever since he got his license it was a nightmare for Xiao Xun and all the other staff members. Xiao Xun's face was pale, staffs who record audio fainted and vomit, the most bad luck was the director as his toe was ran over by Xiao Yu's car he was sent to hospital immediately. Also staffs who were video recording was almost in danger as well, Xiao Yu who felt embarassed immediately apologized to everyone.

On the filming day it was 36 degrees and they had to film a drifting scene, Xiao Yu who got his license when he was 18 and had no experience at driving at all. As he's driving a sport car Xiao Yu got really excited to show off his coolness. But because the lack of experience he was having difficulties controlling it. So sometimes he would drive at 30, sometimes 70 or 40. Coolness of the car and the driving skills became the laughter for everyone.

Translated by Choco-late

Xiao Yu and Xiao Xun looks really good as a couple, you can tell just by looking at those photos above.


moonberry says
26 August 2008 at 4:08 am

LOL!!! i guess they are filming an episode of 小煜 and 小薰 going on a date maybe in HTQXZ? the director's toe got run over is so funny. :X