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[News] Last of Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang

[2008-08-23] Taiwanese popular TV show Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang has created Lollipop and er jun, all didis finally graduated from the show and all became cry baby.

MFBBT has broadcast for 2 years it is always been a artist training show, after the great creation the great popular idol group Lollipop. The 2nd group is also debuting under Warner Music. Channel[V] painfully prepared a graduation for the didis, the night before the graduation was held every didi did their best at the last performance. Class leader Ao Quan danced Michael Jackson's dance along with 2 other HSHMM and Terry did a sexy dance with hot girls.

All didis received their graudation certificate and exchanged presents, they also express their feelings about these 2 years in MFBBT. Xiao Jie was the first one to cry and cried together with Wang Zi, they cried until their eyes became red and swallow. As the atmosphere is really touching Fanfan also couldn't hold it in and cried but because she's senior she tried comforting the others.

A Wei and Ao Quan both left a message at the forum to comfort the fans, A Wei said "Although we lost a stage to perform but this is a way that we can look for a better stage". In Ao Quan's message he said he misses everyone and couldn't control tearing.

Translated by Choco-late


Linny says
24 August 2008 at 4:59 pm

Thanxs for translating the news.
But i was wondering what episode or day was it that Ao Quan did his dance and ah wei played the piano. Becasue i was pretty sure i've watched all the shows for this week online. Can u please post the links of the episode? thanxs.