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無敵青春克 2008.08.27 卡娃伊水水女孩初登場 (下)

Another episode of WDQCK (Wu Di Qing Chun Ke).

Finally they went through all the 100 girls which is a good thing, but I think the next 2 or 3 episodes would be something like this again because remember Wei Lian, Ao Quan and Xiao Jie went to Hong Kong for the audition so they might show those in the next episode.

So I didn't really take a good look at the girls as I was only half watching, I only took one glance at them. I really don't like when the girls come up to confess it's like one is okay but when there's more than 1 it's annoying, you would they came on the show just to see their idol? Well there's still a lot of girls who do the posing as talent. The one who left a great impression in me was Lea, the half French and half Taiwanese girl. She's pretty and cute and when he was talking in French she was really cute. The other one was the girl who talked in English, I forgot her name but she was being natural and Wei Lian was like trying to talk back in English which was funny. Also the girl who say lame jokes, that part was funny not because of her joke but because of Wei Lian and Kenji.

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