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模范棒棒堂 2008.08.21 極感人的畢業禮物交換 (上)

I finally watched this episode, I didn't cry that much as I thought I would but I did still cried.
The reason why I didn't cry that much was probably because all the didis were trying to break the sad atmosphere by joking around.

I don't know what to say other than that I'm sad but happy for the didis who can step forward in their career. I just hope the best of them and hopefully we get to see them all together again someday. And seem like Fanfan is still hosting MFBBT for the new didis, I will still watch MFBBT to support Fanfan (only if the new didis are good looking).

So everyone telling them to be serious and look at the kind of presents they prepared for the didis. Well the Bato CDs and posters and Xiao Xiang's hand made tee were pretty crap but at least it's a good memory. Han Jiang was luck to get that tee, it looks really nice. I cried especially at Xiao Lu and Rong Jia part, also A Ben's part where Fanfan was crying and hugging him.

I'm kind of speechless now, next episode would be another sad one.

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