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無敵青春克2008.08.26卡娃伊水水女孩初登場 (中)

Actually this episode was better than the first one, more enjoyable. I find that most of the girls have the cute look but not the sexy and pretty look. I really don't those girls who performed "ghost" faces or san lian pai as talent, anyone can do that.

There were a few which I thought was pretty cute but I can't remember their names. The girl who actually confessed that she likes Andy ge, it funny how the Hei Girl at the back was like teasing him and Andy ge was cute. Gui Gui was so funny, she kept on asking what breast size the girls are and kept informing people how small hers are.

That girl who was chubby compare to the rest, she really makes me remember her. When Kevin asked her a question about her figure she answered "I reckon the others are too skinny" that sure leaves a memory on me. At the end of the episode I think all the Hei Girl were bored, the Hei Girl behind Andy ge were like posing and laughing which was cute.

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