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[News] Xiao Xun hurried Wang Zi for the kissing scene

[2008-08-18] Star TV new drama HTQXZ held an fan meeting event. Wang Zi and Xiao Xun shared their kissing scene feelings, rumored about Wang Zi "big headed" and acted highly to staff members he replied it's not true.

Wang Zi and Xiao Xun will have an kissing scene in the drama as they have forced to taken so medicine by the evil side. Wang Zi thought their lips will just touch but as the director explained they've been taken medicine so if it's not passion then it won't have the feels. Wang Zi who never filmed a kissing scene was very nervous, he said "I don't know where my hands can go, I don't want people to get mistaken".

Xiao Xun who has several experience before just wanted to finish this quickly as she's been filming over night and very tired. Telling Wang Zi just go for it, sounds like she's very experienced but she is actually very nervous.
Asked if both of them have feelings after the kiss, Wang Zi said "At first there was but as it was too passionate when I see her messed hair done by me I can't help but to laugh. The feelings would just fly away".

Translated by Choco-late

This part was from another article
Andy ge said "As both of them are still young and there are a lot of young kids watching the drama the kiss won't be that passionate".

Well they just got me excited when I read that it's going to be "passionate", then read another article and Andy ge said that.
But I am still excited about Wang Zi first screen kiss. I'll make sure to screen cap a lot from that scene and the Xiao Xun anti-fans can be angry... Hahahaha (joking!)

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