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[DL] Lollipop - (MV) Cang Jing Ge

Good quality of "Cang Jing Ge" is here with no logos. Not really consider the best quality but at least better than the previous one that I uploaded.


*Note: Please do not post this link anywhere else and not going to upload it again unless the link doesn't work.

I'm sure everyone is excited about Cang Jing Ge's MV ever since we all saw the preview of it. Finally it's broadcast and when I was trying to watch it on PPS it kept on lagging that I gave up. Luckily not longer someone has already uploaded on youtube.

The MV is so cool! All of them were so shuai! This MV is the best one they have out of all their MVs by far. I'm really bias so to me Wang Zi was the hottest in the MV, I just love the part in the second verse where he's on the chair, the way he sit is just so so cool (even though everyone sat like that too). The dance was awesome! A mix of martial art and dancing chreographed by Da Mu liao shi. It would be so cool if they get to perform this song live so that I can see the dance clearly. I'm so hyper after watching this MV, everything of the MV is so cool! Even the dragon! I wonder what kind of costume they will wear during the promotion? Don't tell me it's the one from the MV? That would be cool in a way!

I ripped the youtube video that was posted and converted the file into avi format. The quality isn't that bad, it's medium quality which is still alright.


DOWNLOAD THE MV HERE! (Megaupload) (Mediafire)



Anya says
12 October 2009 at 8:00 pm

Thank you veeery much for the download links!!! ^^