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天才衝衝衝 2008.11.08 棒棒堂

Don't know why Xiao Yu is the one who is always missing, anyways so only 5 members appeared on the show. They played the tempo game but only Wang Zi, Wei Lian and A Wei played it, it seem like they only appeared for that part (because the user only uploaded that part).

Since I haven't seen this show before so I have no idea of how you play this tempo game and I was confused. But once I started to listen to what they are saying and watching it I start to understand it. It's not hard to understand first they have to say a topic, then going by the order "you" "I" "he". For example: Toilet -> You go to, Scarf -> I made it, Orange -> He ate it.

Wei Lian kept getting it wrong and he was eliminated from the game really quickly and was replaced by A Wei. Wang Zi was also eliminated after awhile, I can't help but to stare at his back hair because it was all blown up by the blower every time he got it wrong. I think he looks cool like that!

A Wei was funny, every time before he said something he would say like a sound word. His whole facial expression is just so funny and he's like enjoying the game so much. Although he was strong but he still got eliminated at the end. When there was two people left, it was funny how those two started a conversation and was scrolled by the hosts.

Please bare with the crappy quality of screen caps. Tudou was loading so damn slow so I just downloaded the video, I can't help but to take some caps because of Wang Zi's hair. It's cute!

Youtube Links (uploaded by sugoishow)
Part 1 Part 2
(If you want to watch the rest of the show, go to the user on youtube)

Tudou Link (uploaded by freetimevip7)

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