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Power Sunday 2008.11.02 棒棒堂

Lollipop only appeared on the last part where they had to find clues.

I forgot how many clues they had to find but it was hilarious. At the start they were just playing around which was very cute. The first place they were was at the library, they kept searching but couldn't find the little girl that was hiding, then Wang Zi went over to the DVDs and found that the covers were photoshop and replaced Xian ge's face on it.

After that they went to the gym. It's so funny how everyone was so close in finding another clue but they all went pass it until Xiao Yu found something funny about that bottle. Everyone then was saying "Xiao Yu you're awesome!"

The 6 of them head towards the spa and they were attracted to the 3 girls who was in the water. They were so cute, Ao Quan want to jump in but was dragged back by the others. Seeing that they couldn't find anything they headed outside. As they saw a group of people sitting oustide and thought it was weird so they headed towards them and found 1 girl had fake eyes. Then they spotted a guy lying in the fountain.

One by one they found the clue, A Wei wanted to throw some rubbish and found a little girl hiding there. While 5 members was there with the girl who was sunbaking because she had pasta on her face instead of a mask Xiao Jie was back to the swimming pool along with Nono.

They were stuck and went back to the first place, Xian ge gave them a hint and they found the bread plant. While they were close to the swimming pool Xiao Jie notice the tattoo. Then they saw the samuari statue, Ao Quan climbed up to see and was scared by the samuari as it moved. They then head back to the start and found the little girl who was hiding there all along. So at the end they found all the clues.

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