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  • 2009.07.XX - Lollipop Hong Kong concert

Fans review @ WOO about V POWER

Although there's a lot of news about V POWER concert but not much news of Lollipop. So reading fans review was much better than those news.

From a fan (yenyen0206) who posted in Xiao Jie's section, this is her review (she wrote about all the other artists as well but I'm just taking Lollipop's part out).

When it was Lollipop's turn, the first one to appear was A Wei along with Hei Jiao. The Xiao Jie appeared on the left side of the stage performing his solo dance. Then Ao Quan did his solo dance, then everyone danced towards Micheal's moves.

After the amazing dance from Hei Jiao, Wang Zi sang "Dui Bu Qi" and afterward Xiao Yu sang "Zhi Yao Ni Hai Ji De". She didn't mention about Wei Lian's solo performance.

Then from the chorus part they sang "Mi Mi Ji Di" afterward was "YES" and "Cang Jing Ge" in between they had a special dance performance. Afterward Lollipop sang a rock version of "Make Me A Fool" continue on with "Geng Zhe Wo De Tempo".

That's all from her post about Lollipop, of course there's other artists as well you can read it from the source link.

Go here to download Wang Zi's solo performance:
Wang Zi so HOT! Wearing all red.

Xiao Yu's performance:


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