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  • 2009.07.XX - Lollipop Hong Kong concert

Some Canada radio show

This is a Canada radio show with Lollipop interview. Only Wei Lian, Xiao Yu and Wang Zi is there the other 3 probably going to class or something.

They broadcast 2 songs and they talked for a bit about how Lollipop was formed and why they use the name "Bang Bang Tang" as their group name.

This is the second part of it, same with the three members. First they broadcast "Cang Jing Ge" then they started talking. They first talked about dancing and since the three who came aren't specalise in dancing they talked how hard they practice just to keep up with the other three. Xiao Yu was funny saying how his the voicalist so he doesn't need to practice that hard and the other three are his dancers.

Then they talked about the busy sedchule they have especially the ones who are filming HTQXZ. It then moved on about the three members who came, they talked about one another. The other 2 said Wei Lian is actually smart but what comes out of his mouth sometimes is stupid. Then they said Wang Zi enter this career such a young age and couldn't experience some normal student life, Wang Zi also talked about it. Lastly was Xiao Yu saying how he might look cool on the outside but he could be really emotional, and he's a type who does whatever he likes.

They then broadcast Xiao Yu's solo song from the OST album and that's all there is.


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