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模範棒棒堂 2008.11.20 底迪變臉再一發

Ao Quan and Xiao Jie are the host for this episode along with Xiao Xiang. This is their first time as host in MFBBT, they both were so happy standing in the middle and playing the "cue" game.

This episode the topic is Face Off where they photoshop didi's photos and change it what they want. They mention a lot of the first season Face Off episodes, Wang Zi was mention a few times during this episode.

First off was Hu Ya with the hair problem, because he got too much hair, oily and gets long easily. Photoshoping his hair, first photo was bald. He looks so much like a girl especially that photo he took he's so white compare to the real person. I think he looks really cute in that bald photo.

Yi Teng was so funny with that fake hair piece and Ao Quan & Xiao Jie pretending to be hair stylist. But that fake hair piece doesn't make him look better at all.

Sometimes I feel sorry for Dada because people always make fun of him especially because of his look. It feels like he's the DuoDuo in this season where all the bad thing just goes to him. And I agree on Ao Quan no matter how a person look you shouldn't use the word "ugly" although he said "ugly" straight after he said that sentence but it's a joke.

Last time for Wang Zi and Mao Di sister, fans really found someone who looks like it. It's a Hong Kong singer called Mandy and on her xanga she even posted a post about it. I wonder if there's really someone who looks like the 2 photoshop photos of the 2nd season didis.

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