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模范棒棒堂 2008.11.04 萬聖節台詞不NG 誰說鬼不會出槌

In this episode they are doing the "No NG" segment. I guess most people knows how this work, simply each didi is given a character and script they had to act according to the script if they say the wrong words or did the wrong thing they will get punish. Speaking of "No NG" we must not forget Wang Zi who never got a single word wrong on the last time he did it. This episode we have Wang Zi and Wei Lian as host.

As it is usually split into 2 different acts, both acts are related to Halloween. First act judge is Wei Lian then second is Wang Zi. They are there to point out the mistakes the didis make. They didn't have much scene but the two acts they did was quite funny.

I realise that they didn't go that harsh on them maybe because it's their first time, so there's a lot of parts just went through easily. Ah Man's scripts were hard, it's like tongue twister and poor ABC who already have trouble with Chinese and have to say such hard scripts. But funny thing is that whenever ABC have trouble with it other didis beside him tells him the wrong thing and he really said it.

Although not much of Wang Zi but I had a good laugh at it!

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