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哪里5打抗 2008.11.02 WOO燈獎PK賽 連贏10週搏出道 & 模仿王大賽

Another interesting and intense PK challenges in this episode. For solo dance Xiao Long once again won, it was obvious but they had to make both of them got the same amount of lights. Xiao Long is really cool, hope he could keep on winning. Don't know what's in Li Quan's head how could someone do things so dangerous but it was funny.

Then it was the group dances, that Dragonball group is so damn funny! I love them! This time they all dressed up so colour and their attitude was like "Peace!" Just from the opening I can sense the Dragonball group will win. The other group focus on poppin, their performance was a little weak nothing to memerable.

Afterward it was the most favorable section, kids dance solo. I don't get why they get to perform so much longer than the others. But both of them did good in their performance too bad it's another draw, kind of getting sick of it.

The last section was the special abilities, the yoyo guy was the winner last week. This week the new contestant is the beat box guy who came on MFBBT before. His beat box performance was better than what he perform at MFBBT.

Last week the new section was hot girls joke this time it's imiation of artists. I love this more than last week one, it's so funny. The first guy is so cool, so a-like and the second contestant is fully into his character.

The drama of this episode wasn't really that good, at least I don't think it's that good. I have no idea if they are trying to do a parody or what. I just don't get the whole thing at all.

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