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模范棒棒堂 2008.11.12 小學生智力獎金PK賽

Wang Zi and Wei Lian back on the show again to host along with Xiao Xiang.

This time the theme is that didis will PK genius little kids. So all the questions are primary schooler's questions. Although I'm happy to see Wang Zi and Wei Lian on the show but because they are the host they don't have a lot of scene or talk.

So Wei Lian introduce the little kids one by one and Wang Zi read out the questions. Although I think second season have more smarter didis than the first season but all of the didis lost to the kids. This episode Xiao Le didn't get to show off his knowledge although he tried really hard to get pick again and Dada totally owned this episode, he was the only one who had the most shot and answer the most correctly. He sure doesn't look like the smart type but this episode makes him sound so smart but once again all these are primary schooler's questions.

The part where Wang Zi was explaining a maths question to ABC was funny/cute, it was about the LCM and HCM of this number and what Wang Zi explained was he just repeated the question in Chinese. Then ICE explained to ABC in English "English Talk!"

Wang Zi should just jump in and start versing the little kids. He might make it all through.

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