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模范棒棒堂 2008.11.03 王子MV女孩選拔 仙度瑞拉妳在哪?

So the prince is finally selecting his princess in this episode. I never thought the rest of the Lollipop members will come along as well, I thought maybe only Wang Zi, Andy ge and the director will be there. At first I thought Xiao Yu didn't come then I saw him sitting next to Andy ge separated from the other Lollipop members.

They will be selecting 3 girls for Wang Zi's MV. From the previous round they selected 10 from 20 and all 10 selected girls are in the studio. One by one they were being introduced out and standing next to Wang Zi seeing if Wang Zi remembers them. Wang Zi sure has good memories he remembers some of them from autograph sessions. The girls aren't bad there are some pretty and cute ones. This part went for quite long which made the rest of the parts cut shorten.

Next was that each girls had to show their talents, some did dancing and some sang a song. This part went really quick and they select 6 from the 10. Afterward they have to test their acting skills and the other Lollipop members are helping out. The little act are funny especially Ao Quan one, suddenly cue A Wei as his son and Andy ge as his dad. You can see Wang Zi laughing so hard.

Then it ended quickly with presenting the 3 selected girls for Wang Zi's "Dui Bu Qi" MV. The finally 3 are Natalie (the one from Singapore), Xiao You and SuSu. Congratulation to the 3 lucky girls!

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