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無敵青春克 2008.10.31 總冠軍決選才藝賽

It's coming to an end for this show and they are selecting the winner. So for this episode shui shui are to present their talents to the judges. This episode is the semi-final for WDCQK.

A lot of them did a dancing performance, most of the performance are quite boring. Vicki's performance was the worst, all she did was sang "Hei Bai Pei" and her singing wasn't even good enough.

Milky got the highest point with a score of 22. Although her dancing isn't the best but like what the judges said it's a perfect show.

Next episode is the final and they will select the winner! I think they gonna select 3 shui shui if I'm not wrong. So if the next episode is the last one meaning the show is ended, I wonder what show will they replace it with maybe Yao Yao's show.

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