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Lollipop Y.E.S 933 SG Radio 2008.11.22

I sure everyone who knew about it should have listen to it already, but if you miss out on it don't worry I recorded it. Although it's a really short interview but at least they're on radio.

I'm not too sure if it's the whole thing because it suddenly stop, but I guess it's most of it already. I recorded the commercials as well, so the actual interview starts from 2mins something.

uploaded by mlorac @ youmaker

uploaded by celialuimail @ tudou

Just a short interview, the host asked about their OST album and Wang Zi introduced the album, then Ao Quan said something for the song Mi Mi Ji Di. Then they talked about the performance, like Qi Cai Bang Bang Tang and a new dance. Afterward they mention about the autograph for tomorrow.

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