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哪里5打抗 2008.11.09 WOO燈獎才藝PK賽 連贏10週博出道

Okay straight to the point, for solo dance they were making fun of Xiao Long with Apple. His competitor was a member of Hei Jiao, Fei Ji. Both of them were really good breakers but maybe because this time Xiao Long has a topic so he won again.

Next up is the group dance, I love that group every week they always bring something different to the audience. This time their topic is ninja and it seem like they are cosplaying Naruto. Anyways I love their performance and they are funny, the other group Sugar Boys was alright probably the lack of theme. So the GT group won again!

The kids section is always the hot section, I hope they don't have another draw. I don't have a especially performance that I like. I think like they ran out of moves and ideas it seem like their lately performance aren't as good as the first performance. But at the end Bo Xin won by 1 point, finally! I want to see a new kid.

Next is the special techniques section, last week the beat box guy Lada won. This time the competitor is a group of 2 guys who plays the fire. Since safety issue they couldn't use fire so they changed to glow stick which doesn't have the effect anymore. Lada's beat box was interesting, this time he used 2 mics. So the winner is already shown, Lada.

The topic which changes all the time, this time it's teacher saying jokes. Don't really like this section especially anything to do with jokes because if it's not funny then it's boring. All of the contestant fail and Apple kept on supporting her teacher.

The play they did was not that funny but it got a little better at the bottom half. A Wei was funny when he was modeling for the product.

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