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哪裡5打抗 2008.11.16 WOO燈獎才藝PK賽 連贏10週博出道

It seems like the new competitors aren't that prepared, all the winners are the winner from previous episode. The only reason is they aren't prepared enough and lack of theme. But the only part which had a draw was the special abilities part. The Lada guy and that flexible girl got the same score so next week they will PK again.

Every week I so look forward to the Dragon Ball group dance perform because every week they have something different which leaves a great impression in my memories. This time with the James Bond topic it was very interesting. Mao ge wasn’t that stand out during this episode, the guy who crossdress as a girl was more out standing amongst the 4.

Bo Xing’s performance was good but I like him breaking more than locking. After all the usual sections, the special section that always change as there’s a saying “Girls with big breast are stupid” so all the girls who came on the show are “E” size, their mission is to say jokes to make the judges laugh or give her a pass. Not liking much of these type of topics because it's really boring when it's not even funny, and the joke that Energy said was once before during MFBBT.

For the play it's another break up story. But this time is Rong Jia and Xiao Xiang, Xiao Xiang is like keep on hugging Apple and it's funny how he went crazy on the floor.

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