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歡樂幸運星 2008.11.12 棒棒堂部分

First time seeing Lollipop on this show and only 4 members came, Ao Quan and A Wei is missing. The posted links aren't the whole show, only Lollipop cut out part.

You can tell the host aren't familiar with Lollipop instead of MFBBT he said HSH, no one notice it but there's a added text line on the screen. It also seem like Lollipop is unfamiliar with the host you can tell by the way how they act and talk.

The tempo thing I think it's kind of like a warm up for the game. Xiao Yu's expression while dancing is funny and Wei Lian showing off his freeze.

Afterward Wang Zi sang "Dui Bu Qi" I guess it's because they are missing 2 other members and seem like Gold Typhoon & Channel[V] is promoting "Dui Bu Qi" really hard. He sang half of the song and the other 3 members are back dancers. It seem like the show is for older audience looking at the type of audience they had live.

Then they started playing the game, it's like Black Jack. You get cards and you bowl to make up your score. Xiao Yu was the one who bowl and he busted the score. It's only a short appearance on the show but at least they are promoting their OST album.

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