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無敵青春克 2008.11.05 最終決賽 復古名媛 (下) + 水水總成績公佈

They continue judging the retro photos from the previous episode. Vicki was the one who got the highest, 23 points.

After everyone was judged all 10 shui shui stood on the stage and one by one they expressed their thanks and feelings. It was very touching, I feel like crying too.

Then Andy ge announce top 3 shui shui. These are the scores and ranks:

1st - Vicki (Average score: 19.6)
2nd - Xiao Jing (Average score: 18.77)
3rd - Ning Ning (Average score: 18)
4th - Ashly (Average score: 17.9)
5th - Ben Bao (Average score: 17.53)
6th - Milky (Average score: 17.2)
7th - Lea (Average score: 16.3)
8th - Han Han (Average score: 16)
9th - BeBe (Average score: 15.9)
10th - Ivy (Average score: 15.7)

This was probably over before Vicki filmed Wang Zi's MV, that's why in one article they said she's signed under Channel[V] it's probably because they already presented the winner of WDQCK and received the contract already. If it's like this then it's reasonable to see her in the MV. But she's so young only 14 years old, she has a lot to learn because her Mandarin aren't good enough. Anyways congratulation!

The end of the show, I wonder what new show they will show.

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