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[News] "Re Xue Tong Meng" Showing Real Kung Fu

[2008-12-15] New youth martial art movie “Re Xue Tong Meng” is a production by Polybona and Golden Typhoon, December 14th their movie filming started, people who attended include: Paco Wong, Huang Wei Jing, director Kou Zhan Wen, vocalist of Hua Er Yue Dui Da Zhang Wei, Lollipop member Ao Quan and A Wei, and Hong Kong idol Theresa Fu. This movie gathers the new actors and director filming a youth martial art movie.

Re Xue Tong Meng” revolves around a bunch of youth who follows their Chinese martial art dreams, resulting being enemies to friends. In this movie Da Zhang Wei will play the character that’s super random and funny. Although he has the heart to chase his martial art dream but he knows nothing about martial art. With his determination during practice he’d show a lot of comedy scenes. Da Zhang Wei laughingly said “The script is written is the way I wanted.”

Taiwanese popular group Lollipop’s leader Ao Quan will act as a rich kid with a rebellion personality, doesn’t like to explain a lot. This character is the opposite of Ao Quan’s real character, which is a challenging to him. As “Re Xue Tong Meng” wants to portray martial art as real as possible, there will be no substitute or special effects so Ao Quan and A Wei arrived Beijing 1 week early to train, their first day of training of tough which made them vomit. But Ao Quan expressed that learning martial mart is a good way of releasing pressure. During day time they have their own wok and night time they will continue learning martial mart but on the opening filming day they still look lively. A Wei’s performance was outstanding which was complimented by Wu Jing and director Kou Zhan Wan, and invited A Wei as a cameo for the movie.

Although Ao Quan and A Wei don’t have any martial mart skills like the other actors but they were smart enough to mix it with their good dancing skills. On the filming opening day they showed a part of their martial art skills, their good chemistry and impressive movements was a surprise to the others.

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