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哪裡5打抗 2008.11.30 WOO燈獎PK賽 連贏10週搏出道 & 辣妹說笑話大賽

Finally watched it!

First off for the solo dance, Xiao Long VS Liao Da who specialize in reggae. Both of them are great dancers but Xiao Long won again, I reckon break dancing has an advantage for TV shows because it immediately shows their skills. It's funny how they always make fun of Xiao Long and Apple.

Group dance I miss the Dragon Ball group because they're very funny. But this time Rubber Band and Trouble Free both groups dance are really good. Rubber Band dance is like a part 2 of last week, as their dance in the begining is the same as last week. Rubber Band won and I wonder they will have next week.

The kids section Bo Xing VS Fei Fei, Fei Fei came on MFBBT before on Hai Zhi Wang episode. Fei Fei is so cute and funny, there's really a different between someone who's been on TV show before. Promoting his movie as he's the lead actor. Anyways Bo Xing won again at the end.

Last part, special ability part. I guess Lollipop are really interested in martial art or kong fu things. The contestant specialize in martial art she was stepping on glass and light bolt. Don't know why when I see the girl performance it reminds me of the same kind of performance that TVB shows does. It's funny how Andy ge said he wants A Wei to learn. Lada brought his machines again this time it's two and Ao Quan seem really interest in it.
Lada won at the end.

Pretty girls saying jokes, the part that I don't like because the jokes aren't even funny. But it's better than before because the girls before always talk to fast. The 2nd girl joke was said before in MFBBT by Elmo so no one laugh, then Xiao Lu was pulled out to demonstrate. I reckon jokes can't be that long otherwise it's boring.

Wei Lian joined in for the short drama this week. A Ben is so funny! This is the most funniest play, Ao Quan & Wei Lian opening move haven't seen them doing that for a long time.

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