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  • 2009.07.XX - Lollipop Hong Kong concert

無線娛樂 2008.12.07 棒棒堂簽唱會

This is a news video about the Let's Dance autograph event at Hong Kong.

Love it when Ao Quan asked the fans to scream "Ao Quan is handsome!" Then Wang Zi asked the fans to scream "Wang Zi is handsomer than Ao Quan!" Ao Quan is so cute saying "Goodbye" after hearing the fans screaming.

It then went to a short interview, of course the reporters would ask them about the Golden Horse Award performance. But before that they asked about their Christmas wish, A Wei said he hope to come to Hong Kong more often and spend Christmas with the fans. Xiao Yu said after the Golden Horse Award he hope that the 6 of them can film a movie so they can be nominated. Ao Quan said I hope to get a present if i hang a pair of sock above the bed. Wei Lian hopes everyone can be healthy. Xiao Jie said he hopes Lollipop can open a lot of concert.

The reporter asked are they happy about their performance for the Golden Horse, Ao Quan replied saying that he give a score of 80%. A Wei beside asked who performed the best, Ao Quan jokingly said Wei Lian and Wei Lian looked shy while everyone is laughing.

Then it suddenly jump to who went and look for Karren Mok? At first Lollipop was confuse but then Xiao Jie said it was him. Xiao Jie immediately explained that during that time Karren's manager dare Xiao Jie to go over there to greet Karren.

Then it ended with Wang Zi saying went to look at Chiling's rehearsal with A Wei. The last question was did they take a photo together? I thought they were asking Wang Zi and A Wei but Xiao Jie answered it and the other 5 don't believe him.

I like this interview they were high and cute!

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