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[News] Guest in "Behind the Story", Xiao Jie cried

[2008-12-22] On the 22nd December Taiwanese popular idol group Lollipop came on “Behind the Story” as guest. This is the first time with this many guests on the show. Throughout the recording Lollipop showed the energetic, humour side of them. But behind this laughter they also have unhappy things which happened. The 6 boys aren’t great in expressing themselves so the host took the chance to let them express their true feelings.

Ao Quan said there was a contradiction that happened to Xiao Jie and himself. Everyone knows Xiao Jie afraid of snakes but once in a show he jokingly used snake to scared Xiao Jie. Xiao Jie was furious about it. Afterward Ao Quan thought that it was too over and apologised to Xiao Jie. As his personality is more care free type he apologised in a not too serious tone. Xiao Jie was more furious as he lack of sincerity and attacked Ao Quan on the chest with chopsticks. During that time Ao Quan thought Xiao Jie lack of gentlemen, and they started fighting. But afterward they both cried because of this.

Regarding to this issue Xiao Jie explained that he was too angry during that time that made him did such thing. He regrets it a lot afterward and regret fighting with Ao Quan. Xiao Jie expressed that he cares a lot about each members, and is happy to spend time with the members. He hopes everyone can stick together forever and never disband. When Xiao Jie was talking he was very emotional and cried, this true heart talk has vanish what they had in heart. They hugged each other and forget all the unhappy things. Xiao Jie hopes they all can get along well and not have another contradiction with each other.

Translated by Choco-late

Now I want to watch this show even more!


Anonymous says
24 December 2008 at 3:42 am

Me too ! I hope this video will come out very soon. Would like to keep this.

by sisiemoon