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Public WOO account

I realise a lot of people cannot open an woo account (mostly because of the email verification) and sometimes the post you want to view requires you to sign in.

I also been starting to post links from WOO, just like the Singapore and V POWER event because I don't want to steal those fan taken photos and post them here and asking for permission is too bothersome, so I just post the link.

I have created another WOO account for people who wants to login to view those locked threads. I will not use this account so if you want to boost up the levels to view higher ranked threads then it's all up to you guys to post using this account.

If you want the ID & password you agree to these rules:

  • MUST NOT change the password.
  • MUST NOT post stupid things using this account.
  • MUST NOT spam the forum using this account.
  • MUST NOT use foul language using this account.
  • MUST NOT give this account to anyone else, if they want it tell them to come to me.
If anyone break these rules I will immediately cancel this account!

If you agreed on the rules mention above, then leave your email here:

I will send you the info as soon as possible.

2 Responses to "Public WOO account" (Leave A Comment)

1 December 2008 at 11:12 pm

hope u rmb me, im a so called regular reader of yours. haha
just wanna thank u for posting a post bout the verification back then. (quite long ago) i didnt noe it. and i waited for the letter like dunno how many months and someone told me that it can be found at ur site. ahaha. and yea, thank you so so much!
haha. take care(:

Choco-late says
2 December 2008 at 11:58 am

Yeah I do remember you.

A lot of ppl does have the email verification problem that's why I opened another account for those who wants to use it.