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楚天进取排行榜 2008.12.18 棒棒堂

Today Lollipop was the guest of a China radio show, only 4 members came as Ao Quan and A Wei should be at Beijing for the filming.

First there was a formal introduction about Lollipop and a individual introduction of each members. Then there was a brief information about Lollipop. Afterward the host started asking questions and started the conversation with Lollipop.

First of all they had to promote their OST album, then the host started asking questions about HTQXZ like who's the main and cameo etc. Xiao Jie was the first to speak talking what role he did and then it goes off with next time Wei Lian, Xiao Jie can be the lead and Wang Zi can be a cameo.

Then they broadcast "Cang Jing Ge", after the song they talked about the MV. Saying the usual things, how it's cool and etc. Afterward the hosted asked that on the MV filming day they didn't sleep over 30 hours and Xiao Jie said they got told off from Andy ge while filming Na Li 5 Da Kang as they didn't perform well enough since they were all tired. While talking about Andy ge the host said that she knows Andy ge has a lot of fans too, Lollipop jokingly replied that Andy ge has more fans than them.

While it's broadcasting, there's fans leaving messages on the radio website so the host was reading them out. Then the hosted asked what course are they currently studying. Xiao Jie said before he was studying something related to business I think but after joining Lollipop he changed school and course, also he mention that there was a time he stopped studying. I don't know what kind of course he is studying now because I don't understand it.

Wang Zi said he'e studying a course which is related to acting, dancing and music (something close to his current job as an artist). Then the host said "No wonder you're the main lead". Wei Lian said he's studying P.E. which is also his interest. No wonder last time hurt his leg Wei Lian was the one to bandage it for him. Xiao Jie then said it's great as Wei Lian saved Xiao Jie and Ao Quan, Wang Zi barged in saying "Me too!" The host asked why, then Wang Zi started talking about that experience landing in Hong Kong for the first time where Wei Lian saved him from getting eaten by the fans.

Not leaving out Xiao Yu, he said he studying the same course as Xiao Jie (which is I don't know, if someone know then might as well tell me). He then added saying his school is famous for hard to graduate. The host asked how they get the time for work and studying, Xiao Yu replied that he study at night and has brought his book along with him. The host asked "Does it get in your head?" Xiao Yu said sometimes if he's really tired he doesn't even want to touch it and he has to memories the things, something like that.

The host asked "Who gets the best marks?" And said "Is it the one born at 89?" Which is Wang Zi, he explained that the stuff he studies is more modern and not that complicated like Xiao Jie and Xiao Yu. It then started broadcasting "Dui Bu Qi" with a little intro from Wang Zi.

Only broadcast a part of it then it went to Xiao Yu's solo song with a little intro from Xiao Yu. While they were broadcasting the song the host asked "What martial art artist they admire". Xiao Jie said Bruce Lee, Wang Zi said Jet Li, Wei Lian said Summon Hong, and Xiao Yu said Jackie Chan.

The host asking do they want to solo, they all said they hope but it all depends on the recording company. Ending it with a individual message to the fans at China.

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