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[News] Acting with an Idol dog, Wang Zi said "I have dog phobia!"

[2008-12-12] Filmko Holdings next year strong promote movie “Ai Dao Di” starring a lot of famous artists, Huang Zi Jiao’s story will appear an idol dog “Er Zi” in the movie. This gave a lot of pressure to Lollipop Wang Zi who will be filming with Er Zi. Wang Zi laughingly said that he’s not afraid that the doggy will take over his fame but more importantly is that he was chased by a dog when he was young and left a deep impression to him.

In the movie Wang Zi is acting as a flyer handout worker who brings the dog with him. When he finally hands out the last flyer to the main character Tracy Zhou, his job would end and would take the dog home. The director requested Wang Zi to command the dog to lie down, then pat him and feed him. The dog that Wang Zi is acting with is an idol dog that acted as the main character in a commercial and had lots of filming experience.

From the looks of it Wang Zi and Er Zi has good chemistry but Wang Zi said that he was chased by a dog when he was young so he’s scared of dogs. At start the director said it would be a small Chihuahua, Wang Zi thought it’s alright since it’s small. But when he arrived to the filming place a small Chihuahua turned into a Labrador Retriever. This shocked Wang Zi but after short time rehearsal Wang Zi finally got close, within 3 takes the job was done. Wang Zi finally felt relief and said “Because of dogs phobia I have I never had pets, luckily Er Zi behaved.”

Seeing Wang Zi’s change of emotion, director Huang Zi Jiao said he did not purposely did that, “We did find small dogs for screen testing. But because of the big contrast between the person and dog it doesn’t look good on screen. So at the end we changed into a Labrador Retriever, and Er Zi is a idol dog.”

This is the 2nd time that Wang Zi acted in a movie, he explained that he likes both singing and acting and hope to try out new things. Although the cameo job was only 2 to 3 hours, a few minutes appearance, Wang Zi expressed that he was happy working with Huang Zi Jiao and hope to have more chance to cooperate with him in future.

Translated by Choco-late

Seem like I'm not that excited I was before for this movie as I saw "cameo". So Wang Zi only had a few minutes of appearance in this movie? And how I thought he was one of the main character in that story. But we just have to see when the movie is released.

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