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Wang Zi wretch photo album update, 12/3

Wang Zi uploaded SO many photos in his wretch photo album. I think there's like 50 photos (excluding the photos he took from fans for the v power concert).

I just wonder how much more HTQXZ photos does Wang Zi have. But it's all nicely filmed, good for making icons and banners.

Love this photo so much! Wang Zi looks very hot in suits. The photo below is my favorite out from the suits collection.

He looks kind of funny in this photo. I guess he's covering himself too much, need to reveal his skins more. I think the hat is probably a bit too small for him.

Since it's too many so it's uploaded as 1 file for everyone to download. I did not save the V POWER photos where it he got it from woo because I did post them up before.


*Note: Please do not post this link anywhere else and not going to upload it again unless the link doesn't work.

Credit Wang Zi's wretch

edit// I think I didn't add these 3 photos in the .rar file.

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