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Newcomer Award Ceremony - Review + Screen Caps

So I just finish watching this music award "音樂風云榜新人盛典" which was held at Beijing. So the music award only present awards to all the newcomers.

Honestly the music award was very boring probably because I'm not familiar with the artists in China. But it was worth waiting the time after seeing Lollipop's performance and Wang Zi is so cute.

Here's some screen caps I did while watching it.

Lollipop sitting together before they got an award. Not much of their shots as it all went to the unknown China artists.

Finally they got an award. Lollipop received the Best Group award within Hong Kong and Taiwan, while SJ-M got the Best Group Award within China.

Both group was on the stage and they were asked what they think of SJ-M. Ao Quan said he would watch their MVs and imitate them. Then Xiao Jie imitated a bit of their dance. Afterward they had a Lollipop fan to request something from their idol. The request was to show a dance, Ao Quan did his famous Michael's dance.

Then one of the host suddenly cued Wang Zi saying that he's the best at acting spoiled. After hearing that this was his expression:

Him acting spoiled turned out to do a funny face and sang one line of "Dui Ni Ai Bu Wan" to the fans.

Afterward they sang "YES" and "Cang Jing Ge". The way how it was performed was like the V POWER one except that there's a bit more dancing added in between "Cang Jing Ge" dance break.

When the show ended they called all the artists on stage. Each artist/group leader said an ending message to the audience.

This is it! Will find the video of this as soon as possible!


Anonymous says
24 December 2008 at 2:42 am

Yes, please provide the cut-out version of lollipop for download, if possible.

Thanks a lot in advance !

by sisiemoon