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[News] 2-3 years later Lollipop might disband

[2008-12-22] On the 22nd December, Taiwanese popular idol group Lollipop came on Hunan TV’s show “Behind the Story” as guest to talk about their growth. They first performed “Cang Jing Ge” a song from their “Hei Tang Qun Xia Zhuan” OST album which made all the fans screamed. But when leader Ao Quan said 2, 3 years later Lollipop might disband the fans cannot control themselves.

Lollipop each have own talents, wants the world to know them.

In the show Lollipop first showed off their singing and dancing, they just received 2008 TVB8 Best Group award each of them have their own talents. Xiao Yu who can play the guitar and saxophone, A Wei who knows how to play the piano, Ao Quan who’s good at dancing, Xiao Jie who’s great at composing and Wang Zi who is an all rounder. When the 6 boys talk about their dreams, they wish the world would know about Lollipop. (I wonder why they left Wei Lian out?)

Taipei Xiao Ju Dan concert

Lollipop has made the record of opening a concert in Xiao Ju Dan within 2 years after debut. In 2008 they stepped on a stage where many artists don’t have the chance to and opened their own concert. When the 6 revise back they still couldn’t believe it happened, before the concert they would peak if anyone line up to purchase tickets. Wei Lian and Ao Quan were so nervous that they had their first fight with each other.

When talking about the concert, the other members talked interesting things that happened to Ao Quan. During that time Ao Quan thought he would appear really handsome during his solo part but unfortunately his button fell out and revealed his flower underpants. Although in the show Ao Quan expressed that his pants was too flowery. But at that time he actually cried in the toilet.

Ao Quan’s age problem, 2-3 years later will withdraw Lollipop

As the leader and the oldest member in the show Ao Quan said 2-3 years later he will withdraw from Lollipop. Ao Quan frankly said he’s already 26 years old and cannot imagine himself still acting young when he’s 30, he wish 2-3 years later he would have something else to do.

Other members also expressed that Lollipop might not last forever but they hope everyone has good luck, when they are old they can revise the time now.

Translated by Choco-late

Although I'm not sure if I will still like Lollipop 2-3 years later but hearing Ao Quan will leave the group is sure a sad thing. Hope it would never happen.

By the way this show seem interesting, I love shows where one artist talks about their pasts and experience, it's way more interesting than playing some random games.

I'm looking forward to watching the show.

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