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45th Golden Horse Award - Videos

Posting up the videos of Lollipop in the 45th Golden Horse Award. The performance was awesome! Although I was expecting to be a little bit more but it was good enough.

The Cantonese song they sang was funny because of the pronunciation but it was cute. So happy to see Wang Zi getting so much solo lines, I think him and Xiao Jie sang the most.

Wang Zi solo part on the 3rd song (which is also the last song) sang extremely well, it was strong, loud and clear. I can't help but repeating that part of the performance.

Wei Lian and A Wei got a solo part too, nice to see that the company is giving them more chances to sing. Overall it was a great performance.

The Red Carpet

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Lollipop's Performance

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2 Responses to "45th Golden Horse Award - Videos" (Leave A Comment)

Linda says
7 December 2008 at 11:43 am

i loved the 2nd song~~ wang zi & xiao jie sang really well, but xiao jie really surprised me :] the cantonese song really was funny, haha, it just sounds so diff :p

Choco-late says
11 December 2008 at 9:46 am

yes, the Cantonese part is cute!