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模範棒棒堂 2008.12.04 新底迪V POWER演唱會選拔

Yesterday episode of MFBBT showed a bit of the V POWER concert, as you know some didis performed with Fanfan for the opening dance. It was the same dance that Lollipop dance with Fanfan in her concert that's why Wang Zi appeared and said "Xiao Le took my place because for the dance I was the first one to appear".

After the talk with Wang Zi Xiao Le immediately ran over to Xiao Yu, it was cute how he was saying "Yu ge ge". Then Xiao Yu jokingly said "Want some tea before you sing?" The other people said "He's not singing" and Xiao Yu just push him away. But Xiao Le was very cute hugging him, seem like they're quite close.

Youtube Link (uploaded by sugoishow)
(Wang Zi and Xiao Yu start appeaing at 5:24 in the video)

Screen caps credit alynlin719 @ woo

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