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[News] It's Lollipop not lolipop (as in sweets)

[2008-12-19] Young and handsome Taiwanese group Lollipop include members of: Ao Quan, Wei Lian, Xiao Jie, Xiao Yu, Wang Zi and A Wei. Youngest member Wang Zi is still studying at high school but is now a member of the most popular Taiwanese group. Yesterday they arrived at Wu Han for their autograph event; their natural behaviour during the interview has made them the new generation idols.

Fans teaches you how to recognise

Yesterday afternoon around 5pm Wu Han Hao Le Di Men was crowded with Lollipop fans waiting to see their idols. Strangers who walk pass were surprise and asked “Lollipop? What kind of lollipop is that delicious?” A fan immediately replied “Not the ones you eat! It’s Bang Bang Tang, a boyband!”

To be honest the reporter wasn’t even sure who is who but luckily a royal fan Xiao Ye Zi knows everything about Lollipop. “The one with big ears is Ao Quan, the shortest guy is A Wei, Xiao Yu has a charming smile but when he doesn’t smile he looks pissed, the fattest one is Wei Lian, the one without a chin is Xiao Jie and the youngest most handsome one is Wang Zi.”
How did they debut? They all participated in a Taiwanese variety show “Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang” which was hosted by Fan Wei Qi and was the outstanding ones who got chosen.

Xiao Ye Zi most wanted to ask question was: Xiao Yu’s birthday wish was Xiao Jie to clean up his room; did your wish come true? When Xiao Jie heard this he immediately said “No way! His room is messed up all year, who wants to clean it!”

Idols must have confident

Only thing which doesn’t need to improve is face

After releasing albums and filmed movies but people still remembers them as young and handsome. They being honest and said “We still have a lot to learn, the only thing we don’t need to improve is our face!”

2nd group of Lollipop is debuting soon do they have any pressure? A Wei quickly replied “Obviously the most handsome ones are here.”

Idol groups must be cooperative

Work individual but never disband

Usually groups would easily argue but Lollipop express that their relationships are very good and strong. “As for argues, we live together and each members have different habits, someone likes rock ‘n’ roll, someone always watches baseball. Of course we would have little arguments but our leader would stand out and solve the problem.”

Will the 6 of you be together forever? Lollipop expressed that they will work individuals but would never disband. “Judging from each member’s talents, some will host, some will create music, some will act but when it comes to releasing an album we will stick together because albums is the result of our group.”

Translated by Choco-late

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