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Lollipop “Secret Base” Interview

[2008-12-11] After a strict judgement from “Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang” the show has chosen 6 boys: Ao Quan, Wang Zi, A Wei, Wei Lian, Xiao Yu and Xiao Jie. They formed a group called “Bang Bang Tang” (a.k.a Lollipop), 2nd December was their 2nd anniversary to them what they did within 2 years time was like 5 years to other newcomers. Every day they only sleep an average of 3 hours, every week they had to record “Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang”, “Lollipop Na Li Pa!”, filmed 2 dramas and released 5 albums and stepped on Taipei Xiao Ju Dian within 1 year time.

Recently at Hong Kong they received the “Best Group” award, this is a result that a lot of artist cannot do. Base on this chance Ming Pao will do a exclusive interview with Lollipop, digging into their “secret base”.

Taiwanese sure has a lot of male groups and are popular as well, at start no one look forward to Lollipop and would ask “Will they be popular?” Even Lollipop would ask the same question “Are we really going to be popular? Will we waste Andy ge and company’s staff time?” 2 years ago no one knows what will happen but with their hard working and fearless heart, 2 years later today fans passionate response has given them the confident. Next step they are going to start their China tour promotion and filming movies, step by step they are heading towards their dreams.

Ao Quan Xiao Jie film AV?
Within 2 years Lollipop has done a lot of things, this time we are digging into their “secret base”.

At home what Lollipop usually does?

Ao Quan: film AV! Haha! I mean filming our daily life because A Wei, Xiao Jie and I likes to film things. When we have the time we would investigate together and give it to the backstage staff members to look and give us feedback. We hope Andy ge would let us show it to the audience.

Xiao Yu: I would play the guitar! Although they always say I’m too loud but I have to compose songs. So for the sake of Xiao Jie and I to produce more “productions” they just have to bare with it.

Wang Zi likes Jackie Chan, A Wei worship Jet Li
In “Cang Jing Ge” MV, you all turned into heroes/errant, who is your favourite kung fu idol?

Wei Lian: Sammo Hong, he got the “weights” but his skills are good and I really admire him. (The other 5 said when Wei Lian eats a lot he would think of Sammo Hong whose still flexible to make an excuse for him to eat more.)

Xiao Yu and Xiao Jie both were fighting over to chose Bruce Lee but at the end Xiao Jie gave up.

Xiao Jie: I choose Donnie Yen, because I watched him starring in “Flash Point” there was a scene which looks really cool, he’s the new generation of kung fu idol.

Xiao Yu: Bruce Lee is the most classic legend; he is the “God of Kung Fu”.

Wang Zi: I pick Jackie Chan because his moves is different from other kung fu stars, it seems relax, everyone will get surprise from his expression.

A Wei: I think Jet Li has the real power; he’s the championship of group martial art. His role as Wang Fei Hong and Zhang San Fong is really cool.

Ao Quan: I like Ricky Hui (the other 5 said “What action movies did Ricky Hui filmed?”) Ao Quan couldn’t reply and said “I like him anyways because he’s funny!” (Ao Quan is the funny one, he always say some random things.)

Action is a way of communication
Between them what ways they use to communicate?

A Wei: Punching and kicking! From “Hei Tang Qun Xia Zhuan” until filming MV, we often practices our dance and martial art, at home we also practice as well. We hope we can learn kung fu not because we can have fun at home but to hope we’re more flexible and get chances to film an action movie.

Xiao Jie: You know boys are rougher, we don’t talk but instead we fight to practice our skills.

Wang Zi: That’s right! Next time to Hong Kong we don’t need security guards. (I can imagine him saying that and it's going to be really cute!)

Working 10 times hard to thank for everyone’s support
After receiving TVB8 Best Group award, who do you want to thank?

Ao Quan: I want to thank my buddies (other 5 members of Lollipop), without everyone hard working and team work we wouldn’t receive this award. This is our reward for working hard.

Wang Zi: Thanks Andy ge and all the staff members who helped us, without them we wouldn’t grow up.

Xiao Jie: Thanks to fans that supported us all the time! Their power is our motivation.

Wei Lian: Thanks to all the friends who helped us within these 2 years, chances are given by everyone.

A Wei: Thanks to my family and buddies, thanks to all instructors who teach us.

Xiao Yu: Everyone said their truthful words, really thanks for all the supporters within these 2 years; we would work 10 times harder to repay everyone’s support.

At the moment they often don’t have enough time to sleep, working 10 times harder, then we won’t able to see Lollipop but see 6 “panda”?

Translated by Choco-late

I think when Lollipop debuted hardly anyone look forward to them saying things like they can't dance, can't sing and just kids off the street. But Lollipop has shown to the world that working harder than normal artist will get the result they wanted. Now Lollipop's popularity doesn't loose to any other super stars plus they have a long way to go.

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