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Golden Horse Award was critized badly, Lollipop's performance was said "crap"?

This is not a proper news article, just that I’ve taken lines on different articles about Lollipop and joining them all here plus my own thought.

As you all know yesterday was the 45th Golden Horse Award ceremony and Lollipop was also one of the guest performers. Today morning there’s already tons of news about last night Golden Horse Award. I don’t usually watch Golden Horse Award but from what the news it said that this year was the worst one.

News articles say that people was critising the show really badly online. Saying that Hei Ren did a bad job as the host, jokes were really cold, not clear when talking and not being formal enough. The other host Carol Cheng who is a top host in Hong Kong was critise that her Mandarin was poor and couldn’t understand her properly.

Thinking that Lollipop wouldn’t get critise? You’re wrong, they were critise by people online saying that the magic performance and Lollipop’s performance was the worst performance out of the whole show. Other than that there’s more, like “There’s no international performer standard”, “Singing was off tune” and “They were lip syncing” etc.

From ten articles I read only one article didn’t write those critise comments and was complimenting Lollipop’s performance.

From my point of view Lollipop’s performance was good; I felt there’s a tiny bit of incompleteness in this performance probably because breaks in between for the martial art performers and their stage entering was not strong enough. Also they should do something with the lighting like when Lollipop appear and disappear they should make the lights dim, to give it more affects.

The first song they sang was Jay Chou’s Huo Yuan Jia with lyrics changed to suit the situation. They didn’t sing this song perfectly and I must say this song is really hard to sing but Xiao Yu did a great job singing the first two lines. Ao Quan didn’t sing that well I can’t explain why but when you listen to him singing it feels kind of funny. Other than the first song, the other songs were sung pretty well. I especially love the last song they sang, Wang Zi sang really well he was singing with a strong, clear and loud voice. I can’t help but to think Wei Lian was really cute during his solo part. The whole dance mix with martial art was cool but too bad it was all long shot. The ending pose was cool I like how A Wei did a back flip and jumped towards the front.

There was singing and dancing so I don’t understand how’s it’s “crap”. And what’s “International performer standard” really mean? Everyone just performs with their own style so what does “International performer standard” mean?

I understand why they were saying Lollipop was lip syncing, it’s because there was a recorded version for the background. They were singing over the top of it, this isn’t something abnormal about it these days as I’ve seen a lot of Korean live is like that too.

I think I’ve wrote enough now, if you’re mad about these comments I should tell you to calm down. Sometimes reporter exaggerate things like maybe only a small amount of people critise they would often make it big. Just stick to your own thought, if you think it’s good then it’s good no matter what other said.


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