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Lollipop Hunan TV Interview (written version)

Host: Hi everyone, welcome to Gold Eagle interview. I am Li Zheng Zheng, today’s interview must be waited by a lot of fans. Let’s welcome our guest Lollipop!

Lollipop: Just learned Chang Sa language, hi everybody we are Lollipop!

Host: Where are the applauses?

Ao Quan: I am Ao Quan

Wang Zi: I am Wang Zi

Xiao Jie: I am Xiao Yu

A Wei: I am A Wei

Xiao Yu: I am Xiao Yu

Host: The way of saying Xiao Yu is actually quiet like it.

Xiao Yu: Xiao Yu

Host: A bit like screaming feel, Wang Zi and Ao Quan doesn’t have a big difference. Xiao Jie didn’t learn before.

Xiao Jie: You didn’t teach me.

Host: Xiao Jie. 2nd time coming to Chang Sa other than learning Chang Sa language, have you eaten a lot of Chang Sa food?

Xiao Jie: Yes, but my image of Chang Sa food is chilli.

Wang Zi: My image is that we didn’t even eat because it was too chilli.

A Wei: The foods here are delicious!

Xiao Jie: The food are chilli, we keep on eating fish meat soup.

Host: The really chilli type?

Xiao Jie: A bit.

Host: This time only stay for 1 or 2 days, maybe haven’t taste the delicious food yet.

Lollipop: We just arrived.

Host: Still have chances to eat a lot more, I recommend chou dou fu and duo jiao yu tou are very nice.

Lollipop: Just then we ate that.

Host: Also the desert tang you ba ba, which is made out of glutinous rice and fried into golden brown.

Lollipop: More you talk the more hungry we are.

Host: After the show go eat, once you eat it you would want to come to Chang Sa again. Other than food we see a lot of fans, what’s the difference with Taiwan fans and Chang Sa fans?

Lollipop: They’re very passion.

Wei Lian: Once we’re off the plane we hear the chanting from Lollipop Chinese Community.

Host: Lollipop Chinese Community.

Fans: Lollipop Chinese Community, breakthrough with you!

Host: Repeat again accurately.

Fans: Lollipop’s dream are bigger than the world, we will breakthrough with you!

Ao Quan: The chanting is strong.

Host: Lollipop’s dream are bigger than the world, we will breakthrough with you. A lot of fans are happy, Xiao Jie is your leg alright?

Xiao Jie: My legs are fine.

Host: A lot of fans online were asking about this.

Xiao Jie: To be accurate it’s still in the middle of recovering but it’s better than before, so don’t need to worry.

Wang Zi: We buy food for him to eat; all along I took care of Xiao Jie.

Wei Lian: We all will take care of him, so don’t worry.

Host: During the Hong Kong award that time it should be recovered already right?

Xiao Jie: It’s recovered.

Host: Do you feel happy when you received the best group award?

Xiao Jie: Just for a moment.

Xiao Yu: Our heads are hurting now.

A Wei: We’re happy to receive this award, the feeling of teamwork this award suits us very much. We feel very happy about it.

Host: Did you practice your winning award speech?

A Wei: It came out naturally.

Ao Quan: Group awards the more the better.

Host: Receiving it every year?

Lollipop: Hope so.

A Wei: Xiao Jie wants to get it.

Wei Lian: I want to get the variety show award.

Host: Next year golden bell award best host award.

Lollipop: We’re excited about it.

Host: For group awards there are many, why this one?

Wei Lian: Our style is different from other groups, in public and private we’re a group. We’re no difference in public, we don’t have distance with fans and staffs and we don’t think we’re artists. We be ourselves, friendly and happy.

Host: I heard someone and Wu Chun discussed this thing?

Wei Lian: I’m afraid to pretend we’re close with him.

Host: Wu Chun has also come here and sat on this sofa before. They are senior, what about juniors? Would you feel pressure that they over come you? Wang Zi, would you afraid of Mao Di?

Wang Zi: No, he’s my family. But I am more handsome than Mao Di.

Host: As we introduce Mao Di it would be Wang Zi’s little brother, what if one day it changes to Wang Zi is Mao Di’s brother, what do you feel?

Wang Zi: I don’t mind, he has his own accomplishment and I will continue working hard, Mao Di is still young.

Host: Before Wang Zi filmed a movie with a doggy?

Wang Zi: Yes.

Host: Are you afraid of dogs?

Wang Zi: I am really afraid of dogs.

Host: So what happened?

Wang Zi: I have to overcome it, when I was young I was chased by a dog. At that time I ran very fast until I enter a food store where the dog couldn’t get in, it was really scary.

Host: Does it leave a shadow behind?

Wang Zi: Yes, when I was filming I was afraid but the staffs and director comfort me. The dog behaved which made me felt relax while filming.

Host: Is filming fun?

Wang Zi: Very fun!

Host: Ao Quan and A Wei filming a movie with Da Zhang Wei, do you guys joke a lot?

Ao Quan: Yes it’s very fun.

A Wei: First time meeting him we find out he talks very fast.

Host: Those Beijing accent.

Ao Quan: But it’s very interesting once I listen carefully.

A Wei: We have very good relationship with them, it was so much fun being with them and joking around. Ao Quan would call him Xiao Zhang Wei.

Host: Do you guys compare the humour?

Ao Quan: It’s different.

A Wei: We think Da Zhang Wei studies a lot, he would ask a lot of depth questions in music and acting. We play together and it’s fun.

Host: What’s the difference?

A Wei: Different style.

Host: Now you all split up filming a movie, have you ever thought of filming a movie altogether?

Wang Zi: Yes, someone ask me about my 2009 wish. I wish we can film a movie; story is about things happened to us.

Host: Meaning acting as your true self?

Wang Zi: Yes, fans like it more. We are from a show so the true self of us was shown on the show.

Host: Would you like to film a remake? Such as “Meteor Garden” as Hunan TV is currently doing a remake. Who is suitable for being F4?

A Wei: I must be Jerry Yan.

Host: Why?

Wang Zi: Because someone said he looks like Jerry on the autograph day. This is a compliment.

Wei Lian: The 2 of them from a different world doesn’t match together.

Wang Zi: Just by height there’s a big difference.

A Wei: I can act as a mini version.

Host: Pineapple head?

A Wei: Yes.

Host: In real life who is suitable for Vic Zhou’s character?

A Wei: Should be Xiao Yu.

Wei Lian: Lollipop acting.

Xiao Yu: I want to act as Jerry Yan.

A Wei: As for Rui’s character Wang Zi is more suitable as he’s that type.

Ao Quan: Can I act as Makino?

Host: In your heart who is suitable for Makino amongst Hey Girl.

A Wei: Must have character, temperament and a never say die spirit. Also needs to be generous and cute so I think Xiao Xun. That’s a Shan Cai Tou.

Host: Then Xiao Xun has to be partnered with Jerry Yan’s character.

A Wei: Yes, very happy to be said as partnered, so embarrassing but hope to have that chance.

Host: Remaking is fun?

Lollipop: Yes.

Host: Throughout your path you have a lot of pressure, how do you guys release these pressures?

A Wei: We would talk to ourselves.

Xiao Jie: I would play video games and talk to myself, they would often see me talk to myself in my room.

A Wei: How does Wei Lian release his pressure?

Wei Lian: Play baseball.

Host: Is there anyone likes to take it in and doesn’t express it out?

Xiao Jie: He doesn’t talk, just release while playing the guitar.

A Wei: Or he would play mah-jong and cheat Xiao Jie’s money.

Host: Who loses the most in mah-jong?

Xiao Jie: Don’t point at me.

Xiao Yu: I am teaching him.

Host: How does the 6 of you play?

A Wei: We take turns, I don’t want to talk.

Xiao Jie: But will talk about it when sitting beside.

Host: Will you say what they got?

Xiao Jie: Like this, er tong.

A Wei: I would release my pressure by dancing.

Host: What about composing?

Xiao Jie: Composing would be a big part in my life; I have a habit that I don’t like to be with anyone while composing. As Wang Zi and I sleep in the same room, I often tell Wang Zi to leave when I’m finish I would him in.

Host: I thought you’re playing a game and telling the person in the game to go away, so it was to Wang Zi.

Xiao Jie: That’s my habit.

Host: Do you have any weird habits while recording songs?

Lollipop: Yes.

A Wei: Actually I’m quite relaxed during recording, ballad songs will turn the lights off, faster songs will have the lights on.

Wei Lian: Chicken leg lunchbox.

Host: So before the interview start everyone said Wei Lian is the most heaviest amongst all.

A Wei: His nickname is “Fatty”.

Host: Do you want to lose weight?

Wei Lian: I’m alright; I think I have an average figure.

Host: How much lunchbox do you eat?

Wei Lian: In Chang Sa I think I would eat more chilly type.

Host: In reality who doesn’t like to eat?

Wang Zi: I guess it’s me.

Host: So you personally don’t like to eat?

Wang Zi: I think when eating you eat until you’re full but never eat beyond the limit.

Host: So before a big performance you wouldn’t eat?

Wang Zi: Yes.

Xiao Yu: I would eat, once you’re up there you would feel hungry.

Host: I watched your Golden Horse performance, very surprising.

Lollipop: Thank you.

Host: It’s a long performance and lots of positioning. Did you guys spent a lot of time?

Ao Quan: We only had a short time for practice, only spent 3 days practicing everyone was nervous.

A Wei: Also it’s our first time performing such a big event. We always tell ourselves that we need to be serious even during rehearsal. We would bring all the costume and props to practice.

Xiao Jie: Our previous performances are mostly performing to fans but this time is different. Audience who is watching us are big super stars, when we think they’re watching us we would be nervous.

Host: Serious?

Lollipop: Yes.

Host: I thought you would say no.

Xiao Jie: This is just a feeling.

Host: But the performance was a success, do you have any big performance coming up? Preparing for the Asia tour concert?

Xiao Jie: Our Asia tour concert would be next year during holidays, after our promotion we would focus on our new album. We’re hoping to give a new image of Lollipop in the tour concert.

Host: For the new album, is the style different from before?

Ao Quan: It would be more mature.

Host: Someone conclusion for Lollipop’s 1st album as “School type”, 2nd album as “Martial art type”, what would be the 3rd one?

Ao Quan: Mature men type.

Host: Really? Is it really like this?

Xiao Jie: Our Company hope us to change bit by bit, not like a big difference. Company also asked our opinions; next album would be more mature, like half mature. Hope everyone will accept it! Another reason why we’re going the mature way is because Ao Quan is getting old.

A Wei: As our music will get more mature, our dance will as well. We will have a different style from our first CD “Qi Cai Bang Bang Tang”. Next album we would like to show stronger dancing skills, letting people to know that Lollipop can sing and dance.

Ao Quan: No matter how we change we are still the happy Lollipop.

Host: Just then who said Ao Quan is getting old?

Ao Quan: A Wei, I can still act cute with you.

Host: Someone online said Ao Quan almost to marriage age, when it is?

A Wei: That’s a hard question.

Ao Quan: I never thought of it, I still think I’m a kid. Can you see a difference between me and Wang Zi?

Host: No.

Wang Zi: Every time he heard fans saying you and Wang Zi’s age is similar he would be very happy.

Host: Do they have to have a partner to bless them?

A Wei: We hope he can find a partner so that we can bless him. We would feel very happy.

Xiao Jie: But I think Ao Quan won’t be the first, We Lian should be because he’s a good husband and he wants to have a baseball team.

Host: Now you all live together and busy, do you have the time?

A Wei: We don’t have a lot of time. Other than being an artist we are also a student. During the day we would work and at night we would study. We hardly go meet any new friends mostly are related to our work.

Host: So the only girls revolve around your daily life is Hey Girl?

A Wei: If it wasn’t for the filming we won’t be close. Privately we don’t see each other.

Host: If it comes to the age of marriage how can you find a girl since it’s hard for an artist?

Wang Zi: Go to our website and search for one.

Xiao Jie: It’s not good to intentionally find one, needs fate.

Host: You might find one when you’re out, who would know. Just then someone mention being an artist and student as well, don’t you have exams? How do you have the time to study?

Xiao Yu: I would bring my books along with me and will look at it every night. Because we don’t usually attend all the classes so we still need to work on our own.

A Wei: Our company will arrange our class time, this trip to China is 10 days afterward we would have exams.

Host: Do you worry a lot about it?

A Wei: Luckily everyone is very smart, mid-term exam results were quiet high, yearly exams should be okay.

Host: After being an artist and graduated from school, do you want to keep on studying?

Lollipop: Yes.

Xiao Jie: Xiao Yu is now in his 4th year, next is graduating. So lately he’s been finding different institute.

Host: What course do you want to get in?

Xiao Yu: Maybe foreign language course.

Host: What language do you want to learn? English or German?

Xiao Yu: Chang Sa language.

Wang Zi: (In Chang Sa language) Hi everyone, I am Lollipop.

Xiao Yu: Should be English.

Host: Although you all are artist but it’s great not to forget about studies.

Lollipop: Yes.

Host: You might not have the time but after Christmas’s work would you want to go relax?

Lollipop: Of course.

Xiao Jie: There’s no choice once we’re at home we can’t go out.

Ao Quan: Last year we had 1 day off.

A Wei: Did we? Actually we would celebrate special days privately but Christmas is impossible. We would go out and walk to relax.

Wei Lian: 6 boys together during Valentine Day is a bit weird.

Xiao Jie: Once the 6 of us went to the movies, A Wei and Wei Lian was holding hands.

Host: What if the reporters know?

A Wei: At that time I heard a lot of “baby” and “honey” so I accidentally said baby.

Host: Life is more fun being together, this year do you know how many days off you have?

Xiao Jie: Last time during New Year it was promotion period, we would spend the first two days with family and then back to work. Hope this time we Christmas and New Year’s Day off.

Ao Quan: Come to my house and I give you red pocket.

Wang Zi: Thank you uncle, thank you Uncle Ao Quan.

Host: How much would it be?

Ao Quan: I’m very generous.

A Wei: In our group the stingiest is Ao Quan.

Xiao Jie: We all have been saving money.

A Wei: Ao Quan is a person who have thoughts, I used to think why Ao Quan save money and stingy. Such as after a hard working day we would go out and eat but Ao Quan would say no. One day he said he’s getting old, he’s 26 already and no longer he would be 27, 28. See how old Wang Zi is?

Ao Quan: You guys still have 4, 5 years to go.

Ao Quan: Firstly buy a house then you guys can come over and play.

Host: Would Ao Quan be the first one to buy a house?

A Wei: I think its Wei Lian.

Wei Lian: Buying house can be a sort of investment.

Host: Anyone already brought a car?

A Wei: Wei Lian.

Wei Lian: Yes, I brought a car.

Host: Just then buying a house is an investment, what about buying a car?

A Wei: Him buying a car so that he can drive his parents around since there’s a distance between their houses.

Host: Everyone thinks so far ahead, do you ever get tired?

Xiao Jie: When we’re tired we would joke around to forget how tired we are. If we’re not happy it would be even more tiring.

Ao Quan: Actually we’re pretty childish; we would ask are you tired? We would reply no.

Host: Keeping happy is a good thing. But lots of fans are worried about your health.

A Wei: Our health are always in good condition, look at me I’m still growing.

Host: Grown any taller?

A Wei: Definitely. No matter how tired we are we still keep ourselves healthy. When there’s time we would sleep. When it’s cold the staffs would bring us coats. But some fans that supports us often stayed up late.

Wang Zi: In Taipei fans would wait for us outside our house all night, we would worry if they are safe or not.

Host: Do you still worry about the fans?

Lollipop: Of course.

Host: How long are you staying in Chang Sa?

Ao Quan: Tomorrow will fly to Beijing.

Host: Tomorrow Chang Sa there’s a change in weather, only 1-3 degrees, so need to wear more clothes.

Xiao Jie: We’re ready and prepared. I’m excited to see the snow, I used to see it on TV but never saw it in real life.

A Wei: We could have a snow fight.

Ao Quan: Next stop is Beijing.

Host: Beijing is snowing now, have you brought a lot of clothes to wear?

A Wei: We brought a lot of clothes.

Ao Quan: Fans also gave us gloves.

Host: 1 glove is not enough; Beijing is very cold like minis degrees.

A Wei: Then the 6 of us will hug each other.

Host: Wish you have a safe trip, next is New Year let’s talk about your New Year wish.

Ao Quan: I wish in 2009 we do better, more teamwork. I hope I can still be young and grow taller. Hope that Wang Zi can be less handsome than me. Thank you.

Host: What about Wang Zi’s wish?

Wang Zi: I am Wang Zi, I hope that the 6 of us can open the Asia tour concert, film our own movie which talks about ourselves so the fans are happy and grow along with us.

Xiao Jie: I hope the 6 of us can make our very first $10,000,000.

A Wei: I hope next year we can come back to China not only for work but also have some fun.

Wei Lian: I hope more people will like Lollipop, Lollipop will be funnier and everyone is healthy.

Xiao Yu: Hope the 6 of us can be more mature, manlier and grow a beard.

Host: What’s the point of growing a beard?

A Wei: More handsome, he likes the feeling of vicissitudes.

Host: I also have a wish, when it comes to your Asia tour concert I hope Chang Sa is one of your stop.

Lollipop: This will come true; when it comes you must be there.

Host: Definitely, you all have to come here too.

Lollipop: You would grow a beard when you come?

Host: I would stick some like Santa clause. Thank you for coming and goodbye.

Translated by Choco-late

FINALLY IT'S DONE! I was sick of translating it because it was so long. I find the interview doesn't make sense sometimes, maybe it's my problem. But I hope to see the video, the video should be more interesting but can't seem to find it on tudou or youtube yet. And their official site with the video doesn't seem to work for me.

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