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Singapore Interview: Lollipop artist discussion!

[2008-12-12] Ever since the programme “Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang” started, they get the chance to meet super stars much easier than other new comers. To get exclusive news from these boys are hard, but they still cooperate with us and gave us fresh news!

Which artist came on the show that left you the deepest impression?
Lollipop: Andy Lau!
A Wei: He’s very nice and doesn’t act arrogant. He could even remember our names.
Xiao Jie: We both sang his new song together; I never thought I could get the chance to sing with him.
Wei Lian: Last time we came to Hong Kong for the charity event. Simon Yam said he’s little daughter likes Wang Zi. It’s a miracle that a super star’s daughter likes us.
Ao Quan: I also like Gigi Leung, too bad there wasn’t a chance to take a photo with her last time.

Which artists are you close with privately?
A Wei: Actually our time with other artists very short, but Wei Lian and Kenji Wu will often play basketball together.
Xiao Yu: We often give a feeling that the 6 of us are stuck together and cut off from the outside but actually we really wanted to hang out with others.

Last time Jolin Tsai came on the show, you all were excited.
Xiao Jie: She’s a very talented and strong singer. I was touched to be able to see her in person and her live performance.
Xiao Yu: We even played rock-scissor-paper to see who will crossdress as Jolin, she cracking up laughing.

You filmed a MV with Stefanie Sun, what do you think about her?
A Wei: Her singing is amazing, first time listening her singing live I thought it was from the CD. Although she looks small and skinny but she has the strength when singing.
Xiao Yu: Privately she’s very nice and funny, she even tried tricking us.
Ao Quan: We played games on the show, she cooked us noodles adding chilly and strawberries. She even said we had to eat it because she made it.
A Wei: I really ate and afterward we got the feeling that our singing improved! Hahaha!

Translated by Choco-late

Funny how Wang Zi is not in this interview or did he not speak at all?

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