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Lollipop Interview @ OurVoiceBox

With a nice smile, good looks, cute personality, the 6 of them represent youth. From the Taiwanese show "Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang" the 6 of them were chosen. Probably the boy band with the highest popularity now in Taiwan, what are they like privately?

Lollipop talks about "Hei Tang", who's the most handsome?
This time they are promoting the OST album for "Hei Tang Qun Xia Zhuan", it's a must to talk about the thought and feels during the filming.

Xiao Yu: "Life is a pain!"
The filming of "Hei Tang" brought a lot of experience to Xiao Yu. As there's fighting scene so before they have to stretch. Stretching everyday was a pain it is more painful than wire hanging, looks like the cool Xiao Yu also have things he's afraid of.

Xiao Jie: "Wikipedia?"
During the introduction of "Cang Jing Ge", instead of 维基百科 (Wikipedia) he said 鸡尾百科.

A Wei: Martial art instructor
A Wei who likes to watch action movies other than he's a great break dancer he also is Lollipop's martial art instructor. When asked about "Cang Jing Ge" dance he said everyone was practicing hard and he was instructing each members martial art parts.

Wang Zi: "Drunk by just 1 mouthful"
Wang Zi who is the youngest acted as the leader (Ling Hu Cong) in the drama, the real Ling Hu Chong can drink a lot but Wang Zi said he's the type to get drunk with 1 mouthful. This drama has a lot of breakthrough, Wang Zi first screening kiss was given out.

Ao Quan: "More handsome than the 3 main characters"
Ao Quan self loving act was a surprise. His cameo role Hong Shi Ba spreads out the young master aura.

Lollipop talks about future: Singing or acting which do you like more?
Only debut 2 years ago Lollipop has already experience hosting, acting, singing, photo book will release soon and opened an concert! Lollipop has done things which takes 5 years for an normal artist to do, this just shows how popular Lollipop is.
With this much experience which do they like more?

Xiao Jie: "At the moment most like is singing"
As Xiao Jie did not participating much in "Hei Tang" and doesn't have much acting experience so he's not sure which he likes more. But at the moment he likes singing the most.

Ao Quan: "Everything"
When asked what he likes more singing or acting Ao Quan said "Both are fine as long as I look handsome!" Then he said "A Wei is more suitable in acting."

Wei Lian: "Ha.... Ha..... Ha"
Wei Lian thinks acting is more suitable for him, he wants to act as a "demon" character, he puts on a little demon during the interview.

Wang Zi: "I'm afraid of..."
Wang Zi finds himself like both acting and singing but just afraid of dancing since he doesn't have any dancing skills. He's not too confident at himself but no need to worry he's still young.

A Wei: "Yu ge, cool!"
Why did A Wei praise Xiao Yu? When it's related to music question Xiao Yu stands on to his music dream saying "Let us sing forever".
He mention that he is preparing to compose some rock 'n' roll style songs for Lollipop.

Lollipop talks about girlfriend and Hey Girl
With a big fanbase, they are liked by lots of female fans. They crazily went all the way to their filming place to see their idol. But what type of girls does the 6 of them like?

Wang Zi likes quiet and refined type, selected member from Hey Girl was Xiao Xun. Commented that Gui Gui is not his type. (oh, it's sad to hear that but oh well I have my imagination)

Wei Lian like girls who have interaction with him, selected member from Hey Girl is Mei Mei because feels like it's challenging.

Xiao Jie like girls with long skinny legs and beautiful smile, selected member from Hey Girl is Da Ya, commented that her short hair makes her more mature and sexy.

A Wei likes cute, lively girls even taller than him is fine. Selected member from Hey Girl is Ya Tou no matter privately or publicly she's cute.

Xiao Yu likes quiet girls who doesn't speak loudly, selected Apple from Hey Girl. Saying Xiao Jie lately have taken her away and need to take it back. (Don't know what he means by taking back from Xiao Jie)

Ao Quan likes tall and skinny, long hair, has personality. Selected Xiao Jie from Hey Girl saying she's cute.

Looks like Gui Gui and Xiao Man are being left out!

Lollipop mention that next year during summer holiday they will release their 2nd album. Their album style would be more mature and sexy type as A Wei said "After all Ao Quan cannot sing songs like "Xia Ri Chu Ti Yan" for his whole life."

As they don't come to Singapore often they mention that Singapore will be included for their Asia Tour concert.

Translated by Choco-late

This is the video of the interview. The 6 of them are really cute and A Wei was like "Can I speak Chinese?" Must think he had to speak English. In the second part of the video you can see Wang Zi is playing with this piece of string or something, he was really cute.

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