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[News] Beijing autograph session, signed until out of stock!

[2008-12-25] First time to Beijing
First time receiving an award at Beijing
First time spending Christmas Eve at Beijing
First time holding autograph event at Beijing this made the store out of stock
Lollipop has given a lot of “First time” to Beijing
Good memories also made them proud
23rd December they attended the New Comer Music Award ceremony
This is Lollipop first big performance at China
Also the only group which performed more than 5 minutes
They were nervous but also prepared
Between “YES” and “Cang Jing Ge
Their singing and dancing was amazed by everyone
All the fans were screaming “Wo Ai Bang Bang Tang”!!!

24th December Christmas Eve they held their autograph event
Lollipop was a bit worried
But once they stepped at the autograph place
The fans screaming wiped their worries away
The place was crowded with fans
Within 1 hour they signed 1500 copies of their CD
And it’s out of stock already
The store manager hurried and got 500 copies of the poster from another store
For fans to exchange their CD with the poster 2 days later

At the end
The poster was also out of stock
There’s still fans lining up but couldn’t purchase the CD
First autograph session at Beijing and was out of stock
So exaggerate
Lollipop said they love Beijing
Hoping next year their Asia Tour Concert Beijing is included
The feeling of everyone working together is great
From Wu Han to Shanghai, Chang Sa to Beijing
Lollipop’s China trip continues to write as miracle
All that we can say
Lollipop is amazing! They are popular!
Proud of them being popular!

Translated by Choco-late

It's funny how the way it's written but Lollipop is so amazing, they signed until it was out of stock. Now it just seem like Lollipop has a really BIG fan base in China/Beijing.

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