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[News] What type of girls does Lollipop like?

[2008-12-26] 25th December Taiwanese popular group Lollipop appeared at Guang Zhou for their autograph session, it attracted lots of fans.

So how did Lollipop spend their Christmas Eve this year? Leader Ao Quan expressed that after working for a whole yesterday, at night they went and ate chilli hot pot with the staffs. This morning they landed at Guang Zhou to spend Christmas with the fans.

Lollipop’s love situation is concern by the fans with the coming up Valentine Day, how will Lollipop spend the day? The 6 boys expressed ever since they debut every Valentine Day has work, if there isn’t work then the 6 of them will be spending the day together. A Wei advice to hold hands while on the street and Xiao Jie response exaggeratedly “I don’t want to hold hands!” which made everyone laughed. When asked if anyone not single? The 6 of them immediately asked “Who? Who? Who?”

Since the 6 planned to spend Valentine Day together which means they are still single, so what type of girls do they like?
A Wei, Xiao Yu and Wei Lian like cute type, Ao Quan and Xiao Jie likes foreigner or mix and Wang Zi likes Gigi Leung’s type of girls.

After debut Lollipop already filmed 2 dramas “Hei Tang Ma Qi Duo” and “Hei Tang Qun Xia Zhuan”. Lately Ao Quan and A Wei filmed a movie “Re Xue Tong Meng” with Da Zhang Wei in Flower. Regarding to this action movie they both expressed that filming action movies are tiring, they would use wire hanging. So when they are taught they would include some dancing skills.

Lollipop members are starting their individual jobs does that mean they continue to work individually? Ao Quan said that Lollipop will work on hosting, drama and singing but will not disband. For next year’s plan they revealed that they will work on the Asia tour concert, their first stop is at Hong Kong between the 1st & 6th July, China tour is still in the middle of planning. Other than concert next year summer holiday they will also release their 2nd album and would experience a different style.

Translated by Choco-late

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