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NET EASE Interview (Written Version)

This is the written version of the interview at NET EASE, you can watch the video here:

Host: Hi everyone! Let’s welcome our guest today Lollipop!
Lollipop: Hi everyone, we are Lollipop!
Host: Welcome! Have you ever thought Lollipop has this much fans here?
A Wei: Thanks fans!
Host: Let’s talk about what’s your favourite food in China?
Wei Lian: China has a lot of food, but I like to eat chilli more.
Wang Zi: I don’t have any food I especially like, as long as I’m full then it’s okay.
A Wei: I like Beijing roast duck.
Ao Quan: I like lamb kebab stick.
Xiao Jie: I like eating streamed bread and noodles type, I like dry type of food.
Xiao Yu: I’m from Gui Zhou, so I especially like eating chilli food.
Host: A lot of people might have known that Lollipop is from a TV show “Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang”, so how was your state before you enter the show?
Wei Lian: I was just a normal university student who has a little hope entering this entertainment. In Taiwan I like P.E., so normally would play baseball.
Wang Zi: During that time I was working hard for my studies, hoping I could find a good job in future. From a coincident I ended up joining Lollipop.
A Wei: I am A Wei, before I’m in the dancing world, a very handsome guy who likes to dance.
Ao Quan: Before I debut I was studying finance. One day I met Xiao Jie and he asked me to audition “Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang”. So I must thank Xiao Jie.
Xiao Jie: Before joining “Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang” I was Ao Quan’s junior. Also a normal university student was working with some agent filming some commercials.
Xiao Yu: I’m a very special university student; don’t know why I suddenly joined Lollipop.

Host: What if you didn’t join the show, what would you do?
Wei Lian: My plan was if I didn’t join Lollipop I would go oversea working after graduation.
Host: So amongst Lollipop you’re the best in sport?
Wei Lian: It depends on what kind of sports, but I’m the type who likes to move around.
Wang Zi: If I didn’t enter this entertainment I would keep on studying and keep on learning, no matter where I am I will keep on learning.
A Wei: I would keep on doing my dance teaching job.
Ao Quan: A student like me who likes to study I would continue studying and get my master degree. Although I’m not studying now but I love this job so I will continue to work hard.
Host: I want to ask Ao Quan a question, recently heard rumours that you’re leaving Lollipop.
Wei Lian: At that time Ao Quan mean he doesn’t want to act young, he doesn’t still want to be a youth group after 30s. After 30s he wants to change into a manlier group.
Ao Quan: Before I response, everyone please don’t worry. I was so emotional during yesterday’s show. Everyone has mistaken my point, what I mean is no one knows what happens 2-3 years later. I just think during that time I should be doing things that’s appropriate for my age such as backstage since I’m interested in it. About Lollipop disbanding, don’t worry that would not happen.
Everyone swear: Lollipop will not disband!
A Wei: Everyone has mistaken him; no matter what he would do what he wants.
Host: When does everyone realise that Lollipop is getting popular?
Xiao Yu: I remember at a time I was buying chicken steak, he owner asked to take a photo with me and sign.
Xiao Jie: I was shock to see fans when we went oversea and never thought this many people like me.
Ao Quan: I’m easily satisfied; when I do a search on my name online there were 100 results. But before it were all dog related photos.
Wang Zi: For me I think it’s after our first concert and thought so many people came to watch our concert.
Wei Lian: Once on my way home to play bowling one person asks me are you Wei Lian. I said no just looks like him, but that time I was really happy.
Host: This time you all went to a lot of cities, which city leaves you the deepest impression?
Wei Lian: Most looking forward is Beijing because there’s a deep culture and monuments.
Xiao Jie: For me it’s Beijing. Beijing has a deep culture and I would think what kind of city is this. I see these new pretty buildings but kept the simple feel.
Host: What do you know about Beijing, say some keywords?
Wei Lian: Roast duck
Wang Zi: Olympics
Wei Lian: Great Wall of China
Lollipop: Beijing welcomes you! (The song title for the Beijing Olympics)

Host: What was your greatest harvest for 2008?
A Wei: I think it should be the concert during January. Also coming here going around so many places and see the fans. Hoping that promotion in 2009 can keep going on.
Host: Is this album your biggest desire in China, anymore?
A Wei: We also hope to open a concert, so next year we will work much harder.
Host: Your new album “Hei Tang Qun Xia Zhuan” was just released in China, let’s talk about.
Wang Zi: There are 5 new songs and instrumentals, it’s something fresh.
Host: Which Hey Girl member you appreciate the most?
Wei Lian: Lately they have a lot of people always changing around, recently I like Apple.
Wang Zi: Da Ya, her arm was injured but she was still up the stage playing the drums.
A Wei: Mei Mei because in the Hei Sei Hui 8 specialities, her one was hard and she has overcome it.
Ao Quan: Xiao Jie is cute, she’s the youngest and every time she is serious but still has the cute feel. Also she has braces (I think Xiao Jie wants to pick her because in the video he said “You took my answer”.)
Xiao Jie: Gui Gui because recently she said this to me “Xiao Jie you look good in your new hairstyle”. (Funny in the video that Wang Zi said “She means that you look ugly before.”)
Host: What’s the deepest impression when filming “Hei Tang Qun Xia Zhuan”?
Wang Zi: In the drama I play as Ling Hu Cong, that time there was typhoon everyone went back to Taipei. Only Ao Quan and I stayed for filming, filmed the whole day only 10 second of it was broadcast.
A Wei: In the drama I have a lot of scene where I need to take my top off. There’s a part where my body got stuck with a lot of needles, it hurts a lot and scared me.
Ao Quan: I was acting a leader of the beggar’s gang; there are a lot of beggars around me. A scene where I’m eating with the gang and everyone uses their hands to grab the food but I have to act that it’s delicious actually it was awful.
Xiao Jie: Wei Lian and I was only cameo, we were in the forest moving around but the next day our legs hurt a lot.
Xiao Yu: I just talks about the place we’re living in, the scariest thing was the typhoon. We encounter a level 3 typhoon. When it was level 2 the small bridge collapsed, it was really scary. We kept on eating noodles inside.
Host: When facing tough situation, which member is the pickiest?
Xiao Yu: Me, because every time I’m full I must sleep.
Host: Can you introduce the movie that A Wei and Ao Quan filmed at Beijing.
Lollipop: The name of this movie is called “Re Xue Tong Meng” it’s an inspirational and action movie.
Ao Quan: Came back to China to learn Western martial art.
A Wei: I still remember Ao Quan vomited on the first training day. Maybe he’s not used to these physical sports so he started vomiting. In this movie we’re trying to fight realistically without using substitute. As we film we got used to the actions, this movie will also combine out dancing skills hope that it feels more younger.
Host: What other artists are in this movie?
A Wei: Da Zhang Wei from Flower.
Host: About “Cang Jing Ge” this song.
Xiao Jie: This song is our first song trying out Chinese marital art feel; it includes some really cool martial art moves. I didn’t get a lot of inspiration until I read A Wei’s drama script and realise Cang Jing Ge is very important place so I written that in. For this song we spend 40hours filming the MV.
A Wei: The dance for this song includes a lot of martial art moves, when we were filming Ao Quan was the last one everyone left only me who waited for him.
Host: What’s your wish in 2009?
Wei Lian: Actually we have a big wish; we wish to have an Asia tour concert. Hope that once we’re prepared we can perform it to everyone.
Wang Zi: Hope in 2009 Chinese New Year we have a break so we can go out with family.
A Wei: Hope we all can do what we like and open our Asia tour concert.
Ao Quan: Hope all people who like us will continue liking us; this will make us more powerful.
Xiao Jie: Hope next year we can come to China to promote so more people will know about Lollipop.
Host: I hope all your wishes will come true in 2009, also hope more people support Lollipop and “Hei Tang Qun Xia Zhuan”.
Lollipop: Thank you!

Translated by Choco-late

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