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[News] Lollipop Shanghai autograph event

[2008-12-21] Popular Taiwanese idol group Lollipop held their HTQXZ OST autograph event at “Hao Le Di Da Mu Zhi” shopping centre. Lollipop first arrival to Shanghai was this year during April for their “Na Li Pa” album promotion. They are back again, bringing with a big smile they said they won’t be tired even signing a lot.

Lucky land Shanghai, never get tired of signing

Their popularity has raised a lot compared to their 1st arrival to Shanghai. Their autograph event has attracted over 1000 fans; fans came extra early just to see their idols. But as there were too many fans the place was changed outside the shopping centre. While signing Lollipop doesn’t forgets to remind the fans to stay warm. Yesterday’s autograph event Lollipop signed 2000 copies, although it was very cold but Lollipop was happy to see so many supporters. Their hearts felt very warm although their bodies are cold, they wouldn’t get tried even signing more.

Preparing Asia Concert Tour

As both group Lollipop and Fahrenheit have high popularity they often get compared. Fahrenheit already has their Asia concert tour and Lollipop is also planning their Asia concert tour. They said next year they will show their charms on stage but at the moment they are still preparing, everything is not finalised yet. Everything needs to be discussed and confirm, once it’s confirm they would immediately announce it. One thing they can guarantee is that it would be a big difference compared to their previous concert.

Response to “Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang” drop down

What made Lollipop a shining star was the show “Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang”, ever since the 6 graduated from the show ratings are what the media interested in. Ratings weren’t as great as before is this due to not having Lollipop on the show? Xiao Jie represents the group and said “We’re just one part of the show, we also think that the new didis are too shy and not open enough. This is not too suitable for the show’s requirements, to be honest if they continue not opening up I wouldn’t even want to continue watching it.”

Lollipop’s high popularity made their schedule full, expanding their jobs in hosting, drama and movies. For example last week Ao Quan and A Wei attended the opening filming of “Re Xue Tong Meng”. From the great response of fans in China, Lollipop has started off their China tour promotion. Within 10 days they will be running to 6 different big cities in China, just so that fans can get a close distance with Lollipop.

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